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Data Tech Solutions, LLC. was established in 1984. We are a full-line distributor, specializing in schools, colleges and universities. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of service and quality – always at a competitive price. Our efforts are being recognized by our ever-expanding client list, as well as the referrals and personal recommendations we continue to receive.

Exclusive ODT™ Technology

First you don’t see it, then you do!

A Brief History of Hidden Word Technology. 

Other methods use the traditional “big dot/little dot” technology, which was developed many
years ago when only black & white copiers were readily available. Once color copiers became
commonplace at every student union and corner copy shop incidents of fraud began to rise,
because the higher the resolution of the copier, the less effective “big dot/little dot” becomes.
Our patented method Optical Deterrent TechnologyTM (ODTTM), was specifically designed to
work on color copiers and scanners. Since black & white transcipts are never accepted as
official, it is critical that you use a method proven to work on the copiers that pose the greatest
threat to your transcript security.


Why is Optical Deterrent Technology™ The Best Document Protection Feature On The Market?

Today’s technology can provide anybody the tools necessary to fraudulently duplicate and alter
any transcript document. Optical Deterrent TechnologyTM (ODTTM) is a patented security feature
that forces a hidden word to appear when a transcript is copied or scanned. ODTTM works with a
high degree of effectiveness in protecting your transcript from unwanted duplication and
alteration on today’s color copiers and scanners. ODTTM can be fully customized to fit your
layout with the hidden word of your choice. Our standard paper contains a built-in chemically
reactive security feature. ODTTM is the best hidden word deterrent feature on the market today!
Even high resolution digital cameras are no match for ODT!

Layer Your Transcript With Multiple Security Features

Specifically Designed To Combat Fraud On Color Copiers And Scanners

Two Modes of Production Laser Or Continuous Transcripts


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